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Poetry in Motion

Forever More


Curious mind

all the time


and wondering

if you'll ever

be mine

To love



and love some more

forever more

every waking day

this I promise you

I'll stay

in love

with you

forever more

Time is Your Spare

Spectacular is he

in all that is envisioned

for time is your spare

every moment delicately incisioned

A keepssake of artistry

a pallet of hues

marking territory

paying one's dues

with blood, sweat,

love and tears

reflecting on the past

venturing forward without fears

Use it wisely

Embrace it graciously

Handle with care

For time is your spare

Going Nowhere

She came

she went

and returned

only to find

she'd needed to go astray

from where she'd come

to discover

that which inside

of her

for which she'd sought

out there

was for naught

for inside

was that which she'd thought

she'd lost

yet held dear

all the long



Here I sit

alone with my wits

wondering when or if

I'll be joined by another

Two's company

three's a crowd

However, one is solitude

and I can think out loud

Alone with my thoughts

no sharing necessary

Is this as good as it gets

sounds like an obituary

Too quiet for comfort

make some noise if your please

Perhaps that roaring train

past my window

is enough to appease

I hear a knocking at my door

someone has invaded my space

I'm not alone anymore

joined the human race



To hold dear

To keep near

Never take for granted

Perhaps become enchanted

by the amazement

and beauty

that is timeless

and true

With passion

and heart

never coming apart

Always as one

in spite of any wrong done




Grand Babies


So much cuter

and sweet

filled with laughter

billowing from cheek to cheek

Table crumbs

running noses

temper tantrums

photo poses

Running in and out

always got to shout

Mine! Mine!

He's touching me

I wanna go

I got to pee

I love these babies

they're all my own

I'll sure be glad

when they go back home

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