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Delsita Y. Day



"It is through designing from the heart, that I can create most anything"

My World, My Story

Let's just roll with it

I'm a Multimedia Designer; and from concept to finish, I bring my creative prints to life, in what I call Poetry in Motion (oh didn't I mention, I'm a poet too).  Thank you so very much; if you've reached this page, then my job has just begun.  I've captured your attention.  

Oh and that beautiful lady on the bench . . . that's my Mom!!

So what's up with all the water?

Glad you asked!!  Though I currently reside in the Midwest where it's cold like most the year,  I am originally from a nice little peninsula on the East Coast.  And no, I cannot swim, but I love the water.  You might even call me a sand crab, because I kinda hang out on the shoreline and let the tide roll over me.  Some of my most fondest memories happen here.

Minnehaha Falls - oil on canvas triptych



(original print on wood)

Minnehaha Falls -Photography - as shot

So now I'm here, in this cold place, yet still find myself near the water.  Minnehaha Falls is a beautiful and peaceful place in nature.  During the Winter months when the Falls is frozen over, you can still hear running water roaring behind the ice.  

Oh and . . . do you see those people sitting behind the Falls?

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